Wilder Motor specializes in finding ways for rock and sand quarries to use available water sources to their advantage. The following video footage is an example of turning a reservoir into a powerful dirt-moving tool. Here we are using (4) pumps to move water 2800 feet lengthwise, 650 feet up to wash dirt from a rock face.


Part 2 shows the first modifications to our dirt-moving plan. Sometimes to
get the job done, you have to get creative while finding ways to push the technology to its limits.


Built in our shop... still on the job
Slurry (Waste) Pump
1200 GPM 1000' Discharge Length From Tank To Abandoned Mine
Pug Mill
Wash Water
Gorman Rupp 15HP Low-Pressure Supply Pump 800GPM @ 30' TDH
Berkeley 60hp High-Pressure Booster Pump – 1200gpm @ 40 PSI
American Turbine Vertical
Clean Pond To Tank
50HP Minimum 2000GPM

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